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“4 AM” by Azi

With an alternative pop sound that draws

liberally from hip-hop, R&B, and alt-rock, Azi, hailing from USA continues to tell us he got what it takes and shows he is here to stay. As summer settles in around us, we're all looking for that perfect tune to play while we relax in the warm weather.

"4 AM" by Azi is definitely one to add to your playlist. With swaying horns and smooth honey vocals, this song places you right in the

tropics, conjuring up the feeling of laying on the beach as the breeze carries all of your worries away.

4 AM is the latest release under Azi’s profile with other awesome tracks like Fall, Revenge and so on you need to look out for. The lyrics

are appreciative of the simplicities of nature, encouraging one to do what makes one happy.


This song 4 AM" is the first song he wrote after driving all the way across the USA, from New York to California. He moved from coast to coast to break the cycle he was living in, gain a new perspective, and chase his dream. Essentially, this song is about doing what makes you happy don't settle for what feels safe. True to its title, this project creates feelings of valiant freedom and expression. Moulding a magnificent score. This song connects with him on a very personal level, which is why he decided to film his first music video for it.

Being that I am half Ecuadorian, I was happy to create my first video to a song that a fellow Ecuadorian producer, Sk8miles, produced”says Azi. I love how the internet can bring international artists together. I hope you enjoy the song!

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