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“A BAPTIST AND A RABBI” by Thirsty Curses

Thirsty Curses is a four-piece rock n' roll band based out of Raleigh, NC. Thirsty Curses was formed in 2017 by singer-songwriter Wilson Getchell and currently consists of Getchell (guitar, piano, lead vocals), Clayton Herring (bass guitar), Manash Shrestha (drums), and Marty Yermack (lead guitar, vocals).

Thirsty Curses has gained a reputation as one of the more prolific and harder working indie bands around, having already released four studio albums. "A Baptist and a Rabbi" is the newest single from THIRSTY CURSES. The music video stars celebrity psychic Gary Spivey and tells the story of a cult's search for salvation and elevation. The song explores themes around the search for the meaning of life.

The song is very lyrically driven but also has a prog rock feel as it features a several key and time signature changes. The song is a slow builder, but it's worth the wait in the end. "A Baptist and a Rabbi" is the fifth single/music video from To The Ends of The Earth, following "Jenny", "Tell Me the Truth", "One of These Days/Nothing Really Matters", and "Whistlepig".

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