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A Strange Kid by Brainheart

Roi Zohar with the stage name Brainheart, is an independent music producer, songwriter, and DJ. His first introduction to music was through playing piano at the age of 15.

Brainheart with his latest release “A strange Kid” out on Spotify and YouTube. Written by Dorel Saadon and Roi Zohar and also Performed by Dorel and Brainheart himself. The Passion Brainheart has for his work can be seen and heard as it runs through out the performance. “Music is my best friend“ a line from the track takes it to another level. This Soulful and heartfelt track is all we need to comfort ourselves in those lonely times.


Memorable and expressive vocals as well as the instrumentals keeping it rhythmic.

”A Strange Kid” is the title again. On repeat and jamming along, keep it lit! Enjoy the vibes!

Listen on Spotify

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