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ACKSisDEAD is Military veteran & rapper Currently living in South Africa. He’s out with his third single dubbed fallen from Grace. Which was out on April 15, 2022 after the release of his two singles “Smoke and Mirrors” and “Hotline Panacea” on all major platforms.

Fallen from Grace sought to get listeners onto the dance floor thrills from start to finish, yet a well-crafted work from a band that shows itself to be unbound by categories of space, time, and genre. ACKSisDEAD has a voice that is both stunning and reassuring; expertly delivering thought-provoking lyrics around these master class.

With its atmospheric melody and operatic euphonies, it’s a truly redolent listen as there are no dull moments on every single track. Fallen from grace invokes a true sense of step change, capturing ACKSisDEAD moving into the spotlight with purpose and confirming himself to be an artist ready to embrace newfound opportunities.


Real love and real music last forever! This song is a combination of both making it a necessity to the music world. Great power and control are all there!

You have a lovely tone to your voice and had great control throughout.

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