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“ADVENTURES ARE OF A NYMPHOID BARBARIAN” by Timothy and the Apocalypse

Timothy Poulton is an Australian musician, composer, songwriter and producer for Mass Experience and Timothy and the Apocalypse based in Sydney Australia. He is also known for his award winning photographic and design work.Debuting in 2021 as Timothy and the Apocalypse with his full-length album "Future So Bright" established him as a serious player on the downtempo/trip-hop scene. He captured the hearts of music aficionados with "The Mindful Cherub" on Spotify's Just Chill and Nightshift editorial playlists. Timothy also writes and produces music for Australia's electronica duo Mass

Experience and The Time Meddler.

The world, according to Timothy is a whirling

dervish of multihued sonic landscapes differing in textural terrain with psychedelic light and shadow consistently at play. His third LP and latest album release, "Fragments" reveals a world that Timothy is comfortably residing in and is inviting us to step into.

The producer from Sydney has been steadily

building a catalog of music that quietly rises above the fray. So much so that he's garnered the attention of and signed with Universal.


Timothy and the Apocalypse shocks our munds alive with the incredible ADVENTURES OF A NYMPHOID BARBARIAN - 9 THEORY REMIX'

Bringing us a trippy venture that shall take your mentality away from all worries like a flick of a switch, Timothy and the Apocalypse skillfully soothes over all the deterioration your mind has taken during these pandemic fueled times with the glossy gem that is, 'Adventures of a Nymphoid Barbarian - 9 Theory Remix'. Listen here on Spotlight blog!

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