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“AFTERLIFE” by Ruby Tingle

Ruby Tingle's "Afterlife" emerges as an inspiring composition, guiding listeners on a heartfelt journey through celestial spaces and recounting experiences in nature. Ruby's vocal tone, characterized by pensiveness and thoughtfulness, endears itself to the audience, mirroring her enigmatic sensibilities. The uncomplicated instrumentation enhances the captivating tone, crafting a lush and vibrant track that immerses the listener in the intricacies of her heart and relational mindfulness. The songwriting, featuring brilliant storytelling and an edgy vocal delivery, adds nuanced layers to the melodic beauty.

The track acts as a gateway to Ruby Tingle's imaginative realm, where she resurrects The Whitaker's taxidermy collection, transforming it into new dioramas within a temporary 'swamp heaven.' This multisensory experience combines installation, works on paper, music, scent, and performance, creating a fantasy wetland inspired by Tingle's fascination with the habitat and personal encounters with nature. Homage is paid to The Whitaker's famed tableaux, "The Tiger & The Python," as Tingle embraces taxidermy's historical tradition as a tool for storytelling, constructing a mythic diorama that mirrors unnatural depictions of nature.

The essence of "Afterlife" transcends the musical domain as Ruby Tingle weaves a narrative underscored by environmental conservation. The diorama becomes a symbol of myth-making, emphasizing the imperative to preserve the natural world. Tingle's conviction that the concept of 'heaven' is already manifested on earth, particularly in nature, becomes a central thematic thread. The track serves as a call to action, advocating for the safeguarding of these natural habitats as a form of earthly paradise.

Ruby Tingle's creative pursuit extends beyond the confines of the musical composition, integrating diverse elements to craft a sensory-rich experience for the audience. The synergy among music, installations, and performances paints a vivid portrait of a 'swamp heaven,' reflecting Tingle's dedication to environmental consciousness. "Afterlife" transcends the status of a mere song; it becomes a multifaceted artistic expression, inviting listeners to explore the realms of both musical and environmental exploration.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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