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"Again Begin" by JSDAVANI is a mesmerizing EP consisting of five tracks that brilliantly display the artist's talent and versatility. Through a fusion of synthesizers, drum machines, field recordings/samples, and vocals/poems, this project offers a unique and revitalizing perspective on the world of music.

The EP commences with the title track, "A.) Brief, 2.) Breathe, C.) Mantra," a serene and atmospheric composition that immediately captivates listeners with its seamless and entrancing musical elements. The synthesizers delve into themes of toxic and unhealthy relationships, where passion and logic engage in a fierce battle, resulting in an introspective mood that sets the tone for the entire EP. One standout track is "know not now/nor never know" a sultry and leisurely paced song that showcases JSDavani's impressive vocal range. The seductive and murmuring vocals, combined with the infectious and uncomplicated instrumentation, make this track an instant earworm that will have you hitting the repeat button.

Another noteworthy song is "begin the end" a dynamic tune that exposes JSDavani's vulnerability. The stripped-down production allows his emotive musical elements to take center stage, creating an intimate and emotionally charged listening experience.

Throughout the EP, JSDavani's songwriting shines as he explores themes of unhealthy relationships and personal growth. His lyrics are clever and thought-provoking, adding depth to the already captivating soundscapes. And this has been melted into song on "Memories". The production on "Nightmare Analyses: recurrency" is top-notch. As JSDavani closes the EP in a suspenseful way. It's an absolutely amazing and the listener can't get enough of it. With each track boasting a polished and modern sound. The lush instrumentation, smooth electronic elements, and well-crafted samples create a cohesive sonic palette that perfectly complements JSDavani's vocals.

"Again Begin" is a strong EP that showcases JSDavani's talent as both a vocalist and a songwriter. With its field samples, vocals, drums, and polished production, this project is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. Whether you're a fan of JSDavani or simply appreciate well-crafted music, this EP is definitely worth a listen.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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