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Altered By Mom is a Canadian alternative rock band from Toronto. The band consists of members Gina Kennedy and Devon Lougheed. They are known for their energetic live performances and their unique blend of punk, grunge, and rock influences.

Their music is characterized by catchy hooks, driving rhythms, and raw, emotive vocals. Altered By Mom has released several singles and an unusual 52 track album which been featured in various music publications. "Waiting on a Sign That's Already There" by Altered By Mom is a high-energy track that showcases the band's raw, emotive sound. The song features driving guitar riffs, pounding drums, and Devon's powerful and Gina's backing vocals which convey a sense of urgency and longing.

Every part of their layered instrumentation has its own space and shines bright. Altered by Mom is a formidable band who is leading the alternative genre in 2023 and beyond.

Their relatable lyrics reach out and touch the listener, taking the audience on unexpected twists and turns. The lyrics are also introspective and contemplative, reflecting on the search for meaning and purpose in life. Overall, the track is an excellent example of Altered By Mom's unique blend of punk, grunge, and rock influences, and is sure to get listeners' heads nodding and feet tapping.

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