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“ANGEL ON EARTH” by Filligar

Filligar is Casey Gibson (piano/keys) and the

Mathias brothers Johnny (guitar/vocals), Teddy (bass), and Pete (drums). Together, the quartet has produced a music catalog celebrated as "of prestige value" by The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). They have recorded at hallmark analog studios (Gravity Studios, Electrical Audio), performed at the nation's

venerated venues (LA's Troubadour, NYC's Bowery Ballroom, DC's Wolf Trap, and Chicago's Lincoln Hall) and supported GRAMMY-winning artists such as Counting Crows and The Black Keys.

Representing the "very best of the U.S. Arts

community" Filligar has a prolific catalog heralded by some of the most influential musicians, journalists, and cultural outposts of our times. For two Presidential Administrations, the United States Department of State has delegated the band cultural ambassadors-- sending them worldwide from Russia to Central Asia, the Middle East and South America as emissaries representing American arts, values and aspirations.


This quartet have their latest 11 track album Future Self on all major platforms on the February25, 2022. Angel on Earth is their 7th trac off the album and it’s been spotted here on Spotlight blog. This Quartet Falligar developed a true title to this project, created a feeling of valiant freedom and expression. Moulding an orchestra of different sounds in a pot of musicality. Great harmony from this band as they maintain the crescendo masterfully. Listen to Angel on Earth here!

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