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“APOIDEA” by MARQelectronica

"APOIDEA," the electrifying 3-track EP by the versatile artist Mark Dickinson, known as MARQelectronica, delivers a sonic experience that seamlessly blends multi-elements. Operating under the belief that electronic music offers a vast spectrum for exploration, MARQelectronica crafts a musical journey through serious messages with an inherently uplifting quality. Released through Buzzin Records Ltd, "APOIDEA" with the disco house bangers dive into contemporary soundscapes, featuring thumping dance beats, soaring vocals, house piano, and funky bass.

Despite tackling weighty topics such as corruption, global warming, and the need for support during challenging times, the music remains an invigorating force throughout.

The EP opens with "Lifting My Soul," a track that beautifully explores the transformative power of someone special during tough times. It emits a hopeful message, resonating with anyone facing adversity. Transitioning into the electro-pop vibes of "Is This What You Wanted," MARQelectronica takes a bold stance, holding the UK government accountable for its treatment of people. The track serves as a powerful commentary on socio-political issues. Closing the EP with flair, "World Keeps Turning" delves into our collective negligence toward the planet. Amidst thumping beats, MARQelectronica addresses the urgent need for positive change while highlighting the consequences of environmental disregard. The track serves as a poignant reminder that, until those in power take action, issues like sewage-filled rivers, global warming, and pollution will persist.

Anchored by soothing electronic pulses reminiscent of a pulse, the unique fusion of sounds and instruments forms an unconventional and invigorating electronic atmosphere. Seamlessly incorporating pop elements, the songs message play a crucial role in the overall experience. The entire soundscape elicits a visceral response, captivating our senses. From the start, it establishes an atmospheric allure with a compelling rhythm that pulls you in and guides you through the songs. "APOIDEA" by MARQelectronica stands as a testament to both musical prowess and thematic depth. Through its fusion of contemporary sounds and meaningful narratives, the EP offers an immersive experience that uplifts while prompting reflection on critical global issues. Each track adds a unique layer to the overarching message of hope and strength, making "APOIDEA" a standout release in the electronic and funk genre.

Garcia Penned 🖊️



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