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“AS THE WALLS CLOSE IN” by The Silence Industry

"As the Walls Close In" inaugurates a series of digital 7-inch releases, unveiling fresh sonic realms from The Silence Industry. The title track, an evocative ode propelled by bass guitar, explores the collective angst of our era, expanding upon the band's unique blend of prog, noise, and goth rock. Within this composition, The Silence Industry's musical expertise unfolds, encapsulating the very essence of their genre-defying artistry.

Accessible as a digital download on Bandcamp, this release transcends its titular centerpiece. The exclusive B-sides accompanying it provide a captivating exploration, including a dark ambient noise jam and a low-fidelity piano interpretation of a fan favorite from The Silence Industry's extensive catalog. These additional tracks contribute layers of richness and diversity, showcasing the band's adaptability and willingness to navigate various sonic landscapes. These individuals undeniably follow the rhythm of their distinctive melody, showcasing a lack of concern for external judgments regarding both themselves and their music. This approach has sparked a significantly positive reaction from the audience. In this context, "As the walls close in" emerges as the anthem you're searching for, with the underlying truth in its score potentially striking a deep chord and adding profound meaning as you delve into the songs.

The Silence Industry consistently showcases their ability to appeal to a diverse audience, presenting music spanning various genres and delving into a wide spectrum of topics—ranging from lighthearted to profoundly meaningful. This adaptability ensures that their music connects with a broad and varied listener base. Additionally, the band has authentically established connections with fellow records, musicians, solidifying their reputation as a collective dedicated to crafting genuine and impactful musical experiences.

Each digital 7-inch release from The Silence Industry isn't merely an auditory experience; it's a visual one as well. The bespoke cover artwork accompanying the release introduces a visual facet to the sonic journey, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the inclusion of a printable lyric booklet enables listeners to immerse themselves in the poetic intricacies, fostering a more profound and engaging connection with the music. "As the Walls Close In" stands as a captivating prelude to The Silence Industry's unfolding musical narrative. The band's skill in crafting bass-driven compositions resonating with contemporary angst, coupled with the addition of exclusive B-sides and visual elements, positions this digital 7-inch release as a multifaceted and immersive musical offering.

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