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“BEDWETTERS” by Seafarers

"Bedwetters" by Seafarers embarks on a harmonious exploration of internal struggles. This collective of six seasoned musical collaborators traverses diverse landscapes of indie rock, chamber pop, and jazz with their entrancing melodies. Since their debut in 2018 with the recording of "Orlando," they have garnered international acclaim. Now, three years later, they unveil their second album, "II," delving into the intricate complexities of adolescence. Their latest single, "Bedwetters," unveils a delicate and hopeful narrative in confronting personal challenges. Serving as the lead track from their upcoming October release, Seafarers enchant listeners with this poignant composition.

With its clear and vibrant sound, "Bedwetters" emerges as a significant addition to Seafarers' musical portfolio, marking a new peak in their artistic journey. It underscores the enduring allure of universal melodies, seamlessly blending the vibes of rock-pop, genuine realism, and subtle jazz nuances. Guided by spirited drums and captivating vocals, complemented by electrifying guitar riffs and synths, "Bedwetters" pays homage to the effervescent pop anthems of the 80s. Under the leadership of singer-songwriter Matthew Herd (renowned for collaborations with Jacob Collier, Glass Animals, The Howl & Hum, and Siobhan Miller), Seafarers' collective energy shines, effortlessly melding genres and captivating audiences with their unique sound.

Seafarers epitomizes the essence of a performing band. "Bedwetters" provides merely a glimpse into their distinctive sound, showcasing their formidable presence in the music scene. It's highly recommended to treat yourself to the enjoyable experience of listening to Seafarers and immersing yourself in all the musical delights they have to offer. The dynamic interplay between drums and guitars exudes a commanding presence. The melody of the song is enthralling, drawing listeners in with its hypnotic and straightforward approach. With engaging drumming and guitar chords, it's evident that these musicians are virtuosos of their craft. The composition demands the listener's undivided attention, especially with its evocative lyrics and compelling opening. While the theme of "Bedwetters" remains alluring, it acts as a distant yet captivating voice that ensnares the listener through its nuanced tonal mastery.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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