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“BLOOD RED MOON” by Velvet Orchyd

Velvet Orchyd is an American Indie Artist from Lakewood, CA and is currently based in

Kaiserslautern, Germany. Blood Red Moon was written and recorded by Velvet Orchyd (Jenn Edmonds). This is Velvet Orchy's first album on Spotify with 11 tracks such as (Black Sea, Medical aid, Death Rattle, Earthworm, Okay, Okayand others) released this year January 29, 2022. It's a great composition from such a talent.

According to Velvet Orchyd, the goal of the songs on Blood Red Moon were for them to each for the most part have names or subjects that were physical: Earthworm, aLL Brains (no Guts) Blood Red Moon. "I didn't want the album to be that cerebral, at least not so frontal lobal (if that is a word)". There is also an element of emergency or alarm throughout this album, referencing tracks Medical Aid, 'Blood Red Moon, and Death

Rattle. “I was especially pleased with how the delay on the Guitar on 'Medical Aid is remnant of the sound of sirens. I also had fun with fitting in a jet engine sound effect at the beginning and the end of The Ending Is the Same As the Beginning'" says Velvet. Jet engines seem to provoke a sense of urgency.


Something else characteristic of this album was an intentional merging of raw material

with refined material. There were some songs for which she kept some Lo-fi elements mixed

with polished sounds. For instance, on Okay, Okay, the song opens with a rough recording

of watered down electric guitar and a Casio drum beat and then transitions into the rest of

the song with proper mixing and mastering.

Black Sea takes us to a darker place conjuring Gothic Tango vibes and even 1940s Horror

Film sentiments. She enjoys an eclectic sound (not necessarily sticking to a status quo). At the same time, she creates songs with a Rock foundation (no pun intended). Guitar will probably always be a basis for her songs because of guitar's visceral affect. You can't help but feel something when you hear a guitar. Listen to the whole album here!

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