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“BRAND NEW” Debut Single from Thandi Marie

Thandi Marie is a Malawian-born R&B singer and songwriter. Her earthy tone creates a smooth listening experience. Growing up in different countries such as South Africa, Canada, Spain and the UAE, music has always been that constant soundtrack in her life. It has shaped her to be the creative that she is now.

While it was a slow progress, the Canadian based artist has now found her voice and is ready to share with those willing to listen. Her soulful debut single, Brand New portrays this evolution in an open and honest way.

If you’re late coming to one of the most musically provocative singles of the year, don’t feel bad. We’re late writing about it. To be fair, the song has only been out a few months and we spotlighted the genius that is Thandi in a brand new a couple of months back.

Thandi Marie

Thandi’s song, “brand New” has been showcased on her media platforms and most streaming platforms but since there is literally not enough ink in the world to be spilled proclaiming how amazing Thandi Marie self-titled debut is, we can’t help but feel we’ve not done nearly enough. Behind a deceptively understated and, dare we say, Thandi’s single cover lies one of richest, rhythmic, soulful and musically dynamic projects released in 2022.

Thandi gives listeners who might not be familiar with her a glimpse into why she is one of the Canadian must-see vocalists.

The song finds Thandi using her power packed vocal to declare that her days of being taken for granted, mistreated and devalued are over. On “Brand New” Thandi reminds listeners of the importance of their mental, emotional and spiritual care, and that others will damage all of those things if they are allowed to do so. “Do what you can do, and don’t be no one” is the lyrical line. Check out Thandi Marie’s “Brand New” here.

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