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“BREATH” by Moguido

Moguido is the alter ego of Amsterdam producer/rapper/guitarist/singer Guido Schotten. Mostly known as the guitarist in acoustic rap band The Soul Travelers and as producer G-DO, one half of producer/emcee duo G-DO and Xception. Moguido has been rapping and singing for more than a decade but it took a while to step into the spotlight on his own. After working on his debut solo album 'My Fantasy Infinity' for more than 10 years, the album is finally ready to be released in 2022. During the pandemic, Moguido figured out how to play guitar and rap at the same time and started performing in many places in the Netherlands and Spain with his live band.

The debut solo album 'My Fantasy Infinity' features soul singer Shishani Vranckx, trumpet player Mark Nieuwenhuis, bass player Koen vd

Buuse and rapper Donnie Adams (aka Xception). Main themes of the album are the concepts of time and memories and how these relate to our musical experiences and escaping from reality through music.

New single "Breath" from upcoming solo album

'My Fantasy Infinity', produced by Moguido and featuring Namibian/Dutch soul singer Shishani on vocals and Jur De Vries on guitar. This song is about the kind of day when you wake up feeling a bit off. You get on your bike and everybody annoys you, tourists biking all slow and everything. Then you realize they're not the problem, yóu are the problem! You gotta breath!

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