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“BRING BACK THE BEAVER” by The Funny Terns

"Bring Back the Beaver" by The Funny Terns emerges as a delightful and whimsical Christmas charity single from the creative minds of this UK comedy duo. Their aim is to infuse humor into the rewilding movement, aspiring to elevate 'nature to number one' during the festive season. With vocals from the dynamic duo and the melodious contributions of Angus Barr on guitar, this track distinguishes itself as a joyful celebration with a meaningful cause. In this lively tune, The Funny Terns successfully spread joy while cleverly incorporating double entendres, all the while raising funds for a noble environmental cause. Beyond its playful melody, "Bring Back the Beaver" serves as a musical initiative dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of biodiversity loss in the UK.

The witty lyrical composition combine to deliver a cheerful and memorable experience, making it an ideal addition to holiday playlists. The song encapsulates the festive spirit, offering a lighthearted tone while shedding light on the significant environmental challenge of biodiversity loss. The juxtaposition of humor and a sincere mission makes "Bring Back the Beaver" a distinctive and engaging Christmas charity single. The duo adeptly blends entertainment with advocacy, showcasing their ability to leverage music as a powerful tool for raising awareness and inspiring positive change.

Natalie Fée's enduring commitment to environmental issues adds a layer of depth to the song's narrative. As an award-winning environmentalist, author, speaker, and founder of 'City to Sea,' a prominent anti-pollution charity, her involvement in "Bring Back the Beaver" extends beyond the musical domain. The track not only serves as a delightful holiday tune but also stands as a testament to the importance of environmental conservation, making it a standout contribution to both festive playlists and the rewilding movement.

Uniting as a husband and wife duo, they collaborated to present their unique perspective on nature, which became evident as I delved into their inaugural release, "Bring Back the Beaver." The remarkable attention they've garnered, despite being newcomers to the scene, becomes instantly clear when you press play on "Bring Back the Beaver." The song masterfully blends festive cheer, witty lyricism, and a genuine call to action, creating a song that resonates with the holiday spirit while addressing critical environmental challenges. The Funny Terns have skillfully crafted a musical experience that is not only entertaining but also serves as a meaningful vehicle for supporting the noble cause of rewilding and biodiversity conservation.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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