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Swedish songwriter Eva Nordell made her debut as an artist in 2019 under the name Eva No with the release of her first single "Run with the Angels". Since then, she has released two EPs - "History of Now" in September 2020 and "Batteries" in June 2022 - both under the Yellow Rhinestone Records label.

Eva's music transcends substantial sound and melody and delivers a raw and powerful emotional experience to her listeners. Her latest single "Bring Me Flowers" is a testament to her exceptional ability to infuse emotion into her music. Eva's creative approach to songwriting is evident in her previous releases, including "Love You So," "Batteries," and "History of Now." With "Bring Me Flowers," Eva's musical craftsmanship truly shines, showcasing her talent and passion for creating evocative and meaningful music.

"Bring Me Flowers" also showcases Eva's versatility as an artist, as she delves into introspective themes with a powerful storytelling ability, all while maintaining her signature melodic style. The song's classic beat serves as the perfect backdrop for Eva to lay bare her emotions, with a message of empowerment and resilience shining through.

With each release, Eva continues to captivate her growing fanbase and solidify her place as a rising star in the music industry, destined for even greater success in the future.

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