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“BROKEN” by Bad Ass Beauty

Emerging from Los Angeles, CA, comes this outstanding female Artist LaQuinta Prince with the stage name Bad Ass Beauty is a powerful R&B vocalist stretching her skills in the genre of rock says to bring an inspiration, heartbreak and toughness of her emotions through her original lyrics. Audibly, you can hear the new sounds that Bad Ass Beauty has been learning and exploring, having spent the year drenched in this genre. The new track titled "Broken" captures the flavor of her music inspirations and marks a new chapter for her.

When an artist such like her presents music that makes you feel so inspirational and heartbroken, it almost makes you feel like you are losing control. By the time you finish “Broken” you will be obsessed with Bad Ass Beauty.

If you’re not one of the people that has listened to “Broken”, you will soon be. The song provides an attention demanding instrumental and strong vocal to it, and her voice is so soothing on the track. She has made a relatable song that you will have on repeat and added to your playlists.

Bad Ass Beauty also has plenty of amazing songs that will have you jonesing for. “Broken” is definitely a song that you won’t forget about because it doesn’t disappoint.

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