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“C’EST LA VIE” by Vildano & Jackson Pitt

Vildano is a German rapper who attaches great importance to authenticity without highlighting the toughest. Thematically, he doesn’t have a lot to do with current music, which is limited by listing brand names. But musically, he didn't get stuck in old school either. Cool, fresh BattleRap music is his creed.

His music is like life itself: multifaceted With ups and downs. Rap is not only for his Music, but a lifestyle. Bring on Instagram he regularly have accapella bars. Follow him there too.


C‘eat la vie is his latest release on the May 5, 2022 with his co musician Jackson Pitt and it builds up his profile with other tracks like “Badboy”, “Balkan(BiH)” and more. The song is a German street Rap song with deep lyrics about life in the past and today. Which person was one in the past and which person are you now? Which way did you go and which way do you no longer want to go? - C'est la vie is the title, stream here!

Blog Writer 👩‍💻: Garcia


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