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Carli Longoni’s latest single “U”

Carli Longoni a Hollywood’s New Modern Pin-up Beauty from Argentina Drops her New Single “U” on the April 5, 2022. The Argentine had a sultry delivery and a real strong commitment to the song and performance throughout. Vocally you have a booming voice and bags of character in your tone.

Nicely crafted score, you created a tonal atmosphere that worked well with the film. You employed a well constructed melodic theme with interesting movement. Nice swell on opening titles. Your reactions to starts and stops of dramatic action within the film was very well done and excellently executed.

Carli Longoni

Percussion choices work well with the tone of the film and I thought you allowed for space within the music that matched the narrative. For larger moments, you could make your strings louder, and more to the forefront as there is no dialogue, don’t be afraid to be bigger.

Sometimes I felt the theme repeated itself a little too often and would have liked to see you try different frequency ranges within your chosen instrumentation.

Overall I was very impressed by your score. Carli Longoni has a superb grasp of this masterpiece. The mass is bopping to U as it gets over thousand of listeners across major platforms. be part of the listening party. Listen on all major platforms.

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