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“CATI” by Ho Jo Fro

"Ho" stands for Howard, "Jo" for Johnson, and "Fro" for Friends and Others. Ho Jo Fro is the musical outlet for two of the co-hosts on Derringer Discoveries.

Ho Jo Fro is comprised of Oregon's Dave Prine (guitars), Cleveland's Chris Doermann (drums), and the rest of them live in or near Charlottesville, Virginia (USA): Paul Johnson (keys & vocals), Alton Prillaman (bass), Susan Munson (vocals) and Cheryl Knight (vocals). This band has released their 3rd single Cati after the release of their music box killer, victory lap and their debut album hello Dwight.

Cati - Ho Jo Fro

Cati was released on the April 15, 2022. This track shows the motivations and words of encouragement after loosing your cati or a loved one. A day to cry out loud and show our deepest love, it ain’t easy let alone to control our emotions. Let’s stay strong!

We all have times when a shoulder to lean on is just what we need to make us feel better. Remember Ho Jo Fro’s Cati is the remedy. An absolute gem. A tuneful melody and soulful vocals. Not forgotten the ethereal instrumentals to put the track more enjoying. Awesome performance in all.

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