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“COMBIEN” by La Biche

La Biche's artistic journey began with dance and ballet, but she soon discovered a passion for composition, particularly with words. From adolescence, she was drawn to poetry and enjoyed playing with language alongside her physical movements. Currently, La Biche has chosen to focus on creating sensual and casual music with her voice, while maintaining a strong desire to express herself artistically.

The notion left by Combien's music is somewhat enigmatic. On one hand, it has a soothing and tranquil effect, and can be listened to for hours on end without losing its appeal. On the other hand, after listening to it multiple times, you may notice that it tends to have an overall feeling of being overwhelmed.

The highlight of the song is undoubtedly La Biche's main vocals, which are both soothing and irresistibly catchy. Combien builds upon La Biche's distinct sound with excellent production quality and a contemporary, unique sound. Moreover, the lyrics and music blend seamlessly, making the listening experience smooth and enjoyable. Certain parts of the song are particularly infectious and well-crafted.

Something that can provide unparalleled joy and comfort can also have the power to bring about the opposite effect. La Biche delves into this theme with passion and presents it in an accessible and catchy manner. Through her poetic verses and groovy beats, she manages to strike a relatable and down-to-earth tone. The song is both memorable and enjoyable to listen to.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of a song is how pleasant it is to listen to, and in this regard, "Combien" is truly exceptional. There's no better time to immerse oneself in La Biche's euphoric sound. Don't hesitate to stream "Combien" now!

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