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“Come With Me” by Edy Forey

UK neo soul/R&B duo Edy Forey caught our ears with their new single Come With Me which blends smooth jazz vibes with neo-soul and R&B melodies. The duo made up of pianist/composer Guilhem Forey and vocalist/producer Edy Szewy, brings something different with their genre-bending style.

Come With Me is groovy and is layered with its jazzy basslines, smooth soulful textures, and 90s hip-hop groove that matches Edy's airy melodic runs and insightful lyrics that dwell on moving away from superficial relationships. Edy even throws in a short sing-songy rap verse on the track for good measure while Forey's keyboard prowess comes into play with a vibrant solo.


Come With Me Edy Forey Edy Forey is a debuting urban jazz duo based in Edinburgh, UK. Paris-born Jazz Pianist & Composer Guilhem Forey blends his sophistication with a street-smart singing Lyricist & Producer Edy Szewy of Polish-American roots. Their upcoming record Culture Today is due for release sometime this Autumn and promises a breath of old-school infused fresh air, where the Black-American groove is delivered through a European filter. They are working closely with Bob Power (the Sound Engineer behind A Tribe Called Quest, j Dilla, early Erykah Badu & D'Angelo) who gives their sound a hip-hop edge. They've also collaborated with a string of jazz greats such as Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy, Vulfpeck), Femi Koleoso (Ezra Collective, Gorillaz), Tom Gordon (BBC Big Band), Toku Jazz, Alex Hahn, Nat Reeves and more.

The lyrics are engaging in their simple storytelling narrative and imagery. Love the complementary work of the bass allowing you to vibe to. Listen to come with me here on Spotlight blog!

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