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“COSMIC DESSERTS” by TexMex Shaman with Rekha and One Blind Mouse.

Dallas, Texas Artist SheMex Shaman who offers genre-defying sound that combine with funky beats, intense guitar and smooth bass into story telling meets with Canadian Artist Rekha who also record and perform rock and other multi genre tracks and one other Artist called One Blind Mouse who’s also with alternative and experimental style to release his latest track titled Cosmic Desserts on the April 15, 2022.

Cosmic Desserts is a unique track that strives to invoke positive blissful emotions in the listener. This track is here to get you through all your daily runs with its cool tempo and pitch range vocals.

Being compelled by the instrumentals accompanied is one great attribute of a good performance. Both Artist manifested their potential out there.

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TexMex Shaman
TexMex Shaman
Apr 30, 2022

thanks Marc Steve!


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