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“DEADLIEST THING” by Joshua Ketchmark

"BLOOD" is the tenth studio album from Joshua Ketchmark, an American singer-songwriter. This album serves as a follow-up to his previous release, "The Huntington Hotel," which came out in 2021. Ketchmark took on the roles of both producer and mixer for the album, which serves as a personal documentation of his own past experiences.

He has openly stated that the album is rooted in true events, and the title itself draws inspiration not only from the lyrical content but also from the individuals involved in the creation of the record. It's worth noting that every song on "BLOOD" was written by Ketchmark himself.

Joshua Ketchmark is an artist who has the ability to captivate and amaze listeners. Whether you frequently hear his music on the radio through his previous singles or his album "Blood," or if he's someone you haven't come across often, once you download or add his tracks to your playlist, you'll find yourself constantly enjoying his music without ever getting tired of it. Joshua Ketchmark is renowned for his distinctive writing style, which sets him apart in the global music industry. His talent has been recognized on platforms like Euphony, where his tenth track "CROSSBONE" from his latest album "Blood" was featured and received positive reviews since its release in 2022.

Joshua Ketchmark's vocal ability and unique sound are what make him stand out. He is best known for his creative songwriting, innovative sounds, and exceptional musicianship. And there's another gem from Joshua that you absolutely must listen to, it's his seventh track from the "Blood" album titled "DEADLIEST THING." With Joshua's melodious tunes and impressive vocals, there's no better time to give it a listen than now! Don't forget to explore his other tracks as well, as "Blood" is a 12-track album available on all major music platforms.

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