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“DECISIONS” by Alex Delanns

Alex Delanns is an artist from Clermont-Ferrand (France). He started as a signal processing engineer but was then picked in 2021 to join the selective DJ Network training program to develop his musical project.

In 2022 his career starts with his first single “The Owl Anthem”, a moving cinematic song.

His influences in Future Bass, EDM or Classical as well as his abilities to compose, play the guitar, and the piano, define his unique style.

His first main track, Decisions, is a powerful pop-electro song, talking about the difficulties sometimes to make important decisions in life, when we feel clueless, when even our prayers seem in vain.

The agressive voice is the image of what can happen in the thoughts of a human being at the worst of a choice to take. This first track is the primary step to a series of 6 releases during 6 months. Love the introduction with the attention demanding score, well constructed vocals and lyrics. The tempo suits the composition and its already famous in Lyon (France).

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