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DICKMATIZED by Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom

Dancehall, R&B, pop, and jazz Artist JADA KINGDOM is one of those artists I just can’t imagine not being there. Her solemn, haunting vocal style has been winning over fans ever since her acclaimed debut, Love situations, was released in 2017 had an outstanding performances across all major platforms.

We all have times when a shoulder to lean on is just what we need to make us feel better. This pick-me-up has been condensed into music by Jada Kingdom in her single ‘Dickmatized’. Which was released on March 18, 2022.

Jada Kingdom

Jada brings a universality that allows all of us to find the comfort we need. Her fresh and heartfelt music has been making audience move to the dance floor.

Impossibly beautiful Jamaican songwriter Jada Kingdom has somehow found her way to us here at BlogNet and we’re very glad she did, as her track is an appealing thing. Stream “dickmatized” now!

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Blog Writer 👩‍💻: Garcia



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