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“DIDN’T HAPPEN” by Townsend

Nashville's John Townsend is a songwriter, musician and producer who releases music as "townsend".

John Townsend is one of those Artists that can amaze you if you allow them to. You might hear him on the radio much with his previous singles like in my blood, responsible or prisoner. Or you don’t get to hear about him often, but once you download or add his tracks in your playlist, you can listen to them all the time, and never get tired of his music.

Yet another one even more fashioned from Townsend and it’s a burner. That’s his latest release titled didn’t happen. Its about the feeling you get when something good has to come to an end. When the concert you waited forever to go to turns the lights on.


When the vacation you've been planning for the last year is over. Or when the relationship that brought you so much happiness breaks up. After the high everything else feels low and *almost* makes you wish it never happened in the first place. With Towmsend’s Tuneful melody and impressive vocals, there’s no other time to schedule the listening than now! Listen didn’t happen here!

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