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“DIVIDED (I HAVE BECOME)” by Parham Gharavaisi

Parham Gharavaisi, an artist specializing in Melodic Gothic/Doom metal, embarked on his musical journey as a solo instrumental project in 2019, leading to his debut instrumental album in 2020 which you need to check out. As he progressed with subsequent releases, his style seamlessly evolved into metal, demonstrating his versatility and unwavering dedication to his artistry. The admiration for solo artists like Parham is palpable, reflecting a deep commitment to excellence despite encountering obstacles. Parham personally oversees every aspect of his music production, from songwriting to instrumentation, with assistance from Marvin for mixing and mastering.

With his latest release, "Divided (I Have Become)," Parham aims to push musical boundaries and offer a unique experience for listeners. Has he succeeded? Absolutely! The fusion of pure vocals and intense instrumentals creates a spellbinding blend that immerses listeners in euphoria. With each moment of the track, listeners embark on a mesmerizing journey, allowing them to drift into a realm of musical enchantment.

Remaining loyal to his metal roots, "Divided (I have become)" immediately grabs attention with its raw intensity. Parham's expert composition encourages listeners to groove along, while the impactful screams resonate deeply. His ethereal chorus adds to the captivating allure of the song. Parham Gharavaisi delivers an authentic metal experience that leaves listeners yearning for more. With "Divided (I have become)," he showcases his skill as a musician capable of crafting unforgettable metal compositions.

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