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“DOG’S LIFE” by Plantoid

Plantoid is an emerging four-member band hailing from Brighton, UK. Their most recent single, released is an exquisite fusion of drums and guitars that immerses the listener in its captivating blend. Upon my initial listen, I was instantly captivated. Their tracks are driven by drums brimming with intensity, perfectly complementing the distorted guitar chords and bass melodies, showcasing their impressive musical prowess.

The opening of 'Dog's Life' is both delightful and enthralling. It's a unique amalgamation of psych-rock and jazz that demands your attention. The song commences with a staccato and impactful introduction, effortlessly drawing the listener in. The guitar tones are lively and resonant, seamlessly accompanied by the smooth vocals. Lead singer and guitarist, Chloë Spence, exhibits remarkable control over her breathy and melodious tone, seamlessly intertwining it with precise riffs and a broad vocal range, exuding emotional charisma. Her ability to effortlessly switch between high and low tones is truly remarkable, while the vibrant music serves as the perfect backdrop. The addition of a deeper bass layer enhances the overall sonic presence, immersing the listener in an atmosphere akin to a vivid daydream.

The song "Dog's Life" is a versatile piece, suitable for moments like sunrise, sunset, or even a rainy day. It commences with a soaring female falsetto that smoothly transitions into bluesy, seductive vocals, accompanied by an infectious underlying beat and a guitar riff reminiscent of classical styling. This dynamic blend is expertly executed. The dreamlike quality of the music undergoes a transformation, evolving into a more intense and immersive experience, driven by Chlöe's commanding lead vocals and enriched with subtle yet lush vocal harmonies. While it might not be easy to label "Dog's Life" as simply "enchanting," there's an undeniable allure to Chloë's vocal style that leaves one feeling spellbound or lost in a dream.

Their performance, characterized by the brisk pace of the drums and guitars, taps into the energy that many of us who lived through the golden era of rock find hard to let go of. It's a sound that resonates with us. This track is ethereal, attention demanding, and has a catchy quality that lingers in the minds of listeners, keeping them rocking along. I'm thrilled to have discovered the work of these talented young artists and am eagerly anticipating the journey ahead for them. For now, I invite you to immerse yourself in the euphoric sound of "Dog's Life" and see where it takes you!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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