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“DOOMSDAY” by The Trusted

The Trusted's relationship goes back to their school days when guitarist Dale and lead singer Tom bonded over their love for music. They formed a writing partnership that was based on a shared appreciation of strong melodies, which is evident in the atmospheric and edgy pop music they create. Soon, they were joined by Fin on bass and Dave on drums to complete the band.

From start to finish, Tom Cunningham, the songwriter and lead singer, sang Doomsday as song that depicts the feeling of everything falling apart. It's a loud, intense cry for help; a psychological apocalypse that reflects his deeply personal struggles. Cunningham's emotive and hypnotic vocals convey the message with raw honesty, while the band builds a massive sonic landscape of guitars and drums that demands to be played at maximum volume. The infectious and unforgettable chorus invites listeners to dance and move, demonstrating the band's ability to transcend genre boundaries and capture the essence of the moment. Tom's stunning and reassuring vocals expertly deliver thought-provoking lyrics throughout this masterful work, making for a well-crafted piece that is bound to thrill.

Doomsday is an enthralling track that boasts of an atmospheric melody and enchanting operatic harmonies, ensuring that there are no dull moments throughout. It marks a significant step for The Trusted, as they confidently welcome and take advantage of fresh chances and make their presence known. The track is a powerful work that captures the band's purpose and leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

The way this connection is crafted creates a symphonic and intricate flow that demands repeated listening. By incorporating symphonic harmonies and innovative arrangements, the band has enhanced the complexity and emotional depth of their music. The track's evocative expressions are a remarkable feat that has set the band apart from their peers, who tend to prioritize raw energy and intensity, infusing their sound with a graceful and refined touch.

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