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The Tiger Moths are a London-based five-piece band that infuses Americana with rock influences. Drawing inspiration from the folk-rock and country rock scenes of the late 60s and early 70s, they create a fresh take on the Americana genre. The band incorporates alt-country guitar runs, jazz-infused piano, and a powerful rhythm section to produce a unique sound.

The Tiger Moths are made up of Rich Orpin (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Alex Rosenberg (piano, vocals), Tom Watson (bass, vocals), Dave Moschini (drums), and Tom Fleming (guitar). They formed after the dissolution of King of Spain, a band that received critical acclaim for their two albums released in 2008 and 2010, and Erin Black and the Devil's Hand.

The Tiger Moths' "Dreaming of Yesterday" is an impressive display of their fusion of folk-rock and country rock influences. With a mix of alt-country guitar runs, jazz-infused piano, and a strong rhythm section, the track delivers an exciting and dynamic sound that will keep listeners engaged. Rich Orpin's vocals are a particular highlight, with his driving and confident delivery bringing depth and meaning to the lyrics.

The band has a unique and refreshing take on the Americana genre, and "Dreaming of Yesterday" is a great example of their talent and creativity. "Dreaming of Yesterday" is likely to be a strong addition to The Tiger Moths' musical catalog and a track that fans of Americana and rock music will enjoy.

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