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“DUALITY II” by We Are To Blame

Delving into the realm of sonic exploration, the three-piece ensemble known as "We are to blame" - featuring Alice Hartvig lending her vocals, Johan Karlsson on guitars and vocals, and Urban Granbacke handling guitars - takes its audience on a mesmerizing journey with their latest offering, the six-track EP titled "Duality II." Skillfully fusing the melodious vocal lines and infectious tunes of pop with the sturdy foundations of metal, the band endeavors to present a new perspective within the framework of a familiar musical language.

Within this musical canvas, the vocals of Alice Hartvig, entwined with the guitars played by Johan Karlsson and Urban Granbacke, craft a dynamic landscape that spans across power metal, melodic death metal, and progressive metal. Enriching this fusion are symphonic and electronic elements, ensuring that each composition within the EP retains a distinct and singular identity. We are to blame possesses the potential to captivate you, provided you give them the chance. While their presence on the radio may be scarce, and mentions of them infrequent, once you incorporate their tracks into your playlist, you discover an enduring musical companion that never fails to enchant.

The band's unwavering commitment to profound lyrical themes, intimately resonating with their own experiences, imparts an added layer of depth to their music. Duality II positions itself not merely as a musical ensemble but as a channel for shared emotions and authentic expressions, with the aim to deeply connect with and stir the listener.

Following the warmly received debut EP, 'Duality I,' unveiled in November 2022, the band propels forward in their musical journey with the release of 'Duality II' on November 7th, 2023. This succeeding installment builds upon the established foundations, ensuring a continuation of the band's signature sound and a more profound exploration of the delicate equilibrium between pop's accessibility and metal's formidable intensity. We are to blame extends an invitation to audiences to step into a realm where genres seamlessly amalgamate, fostering eagerness to unravel the nuanced layers concealed within 'Duality II.' Particularly noteworthy is my enjoyment of "Duality II." Simply immerse yourself in it—themes of solitude and a higher essence unfold, culminating in a goosebump-inducing finale carried by tender female vocals. Listen to "Duality II" on all major platforms!

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