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“ELEGY” by Michael Bakrnčev & Alex Raineri

Since 2022 Michael has released about seventeen singles including (Rush, Ramund and The Wayfarer and many more you need to check out, and his newest Elegy  (June 2023). Described as “Fresh Folk”–it is just that and a little bit more. Love this tune and what it offers to the human soul.

Michael's latest folk single 'Elegy' offers a tranquil and spacious soundscape that could be likened to a meditative experience with its downtempo rhythm and rich, vibrant keys accompanied by a pulsating bassline. The track features warm percussion and delicately layered vocal harmonies that are expertly woven in at just the right moments and in perfect measure to create a fluid and immersive listening experience.

Through his unique style of composition delivery and captivating melodies, the artist invites listeners to reflect inward and contemplate their thoughts and emotions. The overall effect is a seamless integration of body and soul, achieved in a natural and effortless manner that is almost imperceptible. The rhythmic cadence of the key touches is both soothing and calming, creating a sense of peacefulness.

From the very beginning, the song establishes a captivating atmosphere that sparks the listener's imagination. The instrumentation is well-crafted and sets the tone for the track, with an ethereal and engaging rhythm that immediately draws you in and carries you along. The rhythmic flow is very strong and adds to the overall appeal of the track. The artist delivers an accomplished performance that exudes confidence, conviction, style, and flair, making it highly attractive from a commercial standpoint. I would definitely recommend checking out 'Elegy' on all major platforms!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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