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“ELEPHANT WALK” by Ari Joshua

Ari Joshua is a versatile musician and performer, with a sound that mirrors the diversity of his upbringing. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, and nurtured in the cultural tapestry of Seattle, WA. Ari Joshua unveils his latest musical endeavor, "Elephant Walk," a captivating collaboration featuring jazz maestros John Medeski on organ and Billy Martin on drums. Together, these three virtuosos conjure the comforting sounds of a classic piano trio, injecting it with a distinctive and inventive twist that distinguishes the composition.

The initial notes of "Elephant Walk" highlight John Medeski's piano, gracefully gliding with a fluid display of swampy embellishments. Rich organ tones emerge from below, crafting a sonic landscape with profound depth and texture. Departing from conventional drum arrangements, Billy Martin orchestrates multiple layers of percussion simultaneously, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of polyrhythms that dance and evolve throughout the piece. The inclusion of a melodious cowbell introduces a unique element reminiscent of New Orleans funk, infusing the composition with lively and infectious flavors.

Within the intricate musical interplay, Ari Joshua's guitar emerges with a resonant bellow, its tones twisting and lowing akin to an elephant raising its trunk. Medeski, influenced by the organic flow of the composition, embarks on a spirited improvisation, showcasing his mastery of the piano. Billy Martin's percussion solo unfolds expansively, contributing to the dynamic tapestry of "Elephant Walk." This collaborative effort reaches its pinnacle, bringing the piece full circle and cementing its status as a masterful embodiment of musical storytelling.

In "Elephant Walk," Ari Joshua, John Medeski, and Billy Martin form an exemplary trio, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. The composition transcends musical boundaries, beckoning listeners into a realm where each instrument contributes uniquely to a harmonious and enthralling narrative. This musical voyage stands as a testament to the collective artistry of these three jazz virtuosos, leaving an enduring impact on the listener's auditory senses.


Recorded at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY, under the engineering expertise of Chris Bitnner. The mastering, skillfully executed by Ed Brooks from Resonant Mastering, ensures the final sonic finesse. Mixing duties were expertly handled by Ari Raskin of Deepwater Studios in New York City. The captivating artwork is credited to Paul Delaney, while the soul-stirring guitar melodies are skillfully played by Ari Joshua. The composition is enriched with the mesmerizing tones of organ and piano, expertly performed by John Medeski, accompanied by the rhythmic brilliance of drums and percussion skillfully delivered by Billy Martin.

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