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“ENVY” by Carley Varley

Meet Carley Varley, a Pop Rock artist hailing from the South Coast who is quickly gaining recognition as one of the most thrilling up-and-coming musicians in the region. Her music blends pop with edgier rock elements, resulting in catchy songs and lyrics that connect directly with her audience. Carley draws inspiration from artists such as Hayley Williams, Linkin Park, and Avril Lavigne. With her crystal-clear delivery, Carley's vocals are truly standout.

Regardless, it's fortunate that Carley is present to maintain a down-to-earth stylistic approach, as "Envy" ventures off into a completely different realm altogether. Even though it's one of her more conventional tracks, the synthesized vocals and dense industrial sound are still quite striking.

Once again, the emotions evoked by Carley's music are incredibly powerful and poignant, making it difficult to move on to the closing allegro. Nevertheless, her performance is infused with infectious energy and remarkable finesse. The recording quality of Carley's music is simply outstanding, with clear and resonant sound and expertly balanced instruments. Furthermore, the liner notes are exceptional, featuring introductory notes that truly honor the artistry behind the composition.

Carley has created a fantastic high-energy pop tune that is both melodic and catchy. The straightforward pop energy is perfectly balanced, and the creative drive behind the track is palpable, particularly in the kit.

Carley's musical precision and meticulous attention to detail shine through in the cutting bass drum that infuses mood and energy, pulsating its way into the listener's soul. The firm rhythm foundation and keys exert a commanding influence, propelling Carley's mellifluous vocals to new heights. "Envy" is an exceptional release that commands attention, urging listeners to play it loud and indulge in its brilliance repeatedly.

Garcia Penned 🖊️



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