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“ES IST O.K.” by Lisch

The Cologne-born singer-songwriter Lisch gives a little insight into her world with her often melancholic German pop music. The lyrics are taken from life, authentic and close, full of intimate honesty. Accompanied by the motto "Goosebumps don't lie", LISCH takes us on a journey through the musical sphere of her songs. It all began many years ago with the purchase of her first own piano. Goosebumps from head to toe told the singer-songwriter that this moment would be the beginning of something new and wonderful.

Sometimes a "yes" to oneself unfortunately means a "no" to the other. The path to this "yes" is often a long and winding one, says Lisch. There are always moments when it's a matter of changing the direction of vision and deciding on a new turn.


In her new single "Es ist o.k." LISCH dives into this space of feelings. It's about not getting lost in the flood of thoughts and emotions, but perceiving and accepting them, letting go where holding on comes with tears and going your own way with courage and trust. Listen to Es ist o.k here!

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