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“FELL FOR IT” from Very Necessary

Very Necessary, a super-producer duo, consisting of Roy Smith and Steelo Foreign, both natives of Texas. Together they founded their sportsmanship for music and the music business from the inner-team of Billyracxx, a renowned artist and leader of culture from Houston, Texas.

It’s always a great experience when a duo of such talent find their way to the best blog. Fell for it is the first track on their VN+FRIENDS Album which was released on the March 18, 2022 plus other wonderful songs you all need to look out for on all major platforms.

Very Necessary

Your performance felt like a big wall of melodious sound. You have immense vocals.This song comes charging straight out of the gate with relentless distorted beat and lyrics. “Life is f*cking“ but he fell for it. Let’s keep grooving to this masterpiece.

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