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“FLY AWAY” by Blueburst

Blueburst's most recent release, "Fly Away," is an enthralling interpretation that puts their unique fusion of alternative rock and post-punk on full display. Recognized for their pioneering sound, Blueburst fearlessly reimagines this cherished classic initially penned by John Denver and performed as a harmony with Olivia Newton-John. Blueburst has the potential to captivate if given the chance. They may not grace the airwaves often, and their mention might be infrequent, but once you load their songs onto your player, their music becomes a constant delight that never loses its appeal. Particularly, "Fly Away" stands out.

"Fly Away" gracefully upholds the soulful essence of the original while embarking on a daring exploration of uncharted musical territories. Guitarist-vocalist Craig Douglas Miller and guitarist Marty Willson-Piper lead a stunning transformation, steering the track away from its acoustic roots, the song evolves into a captivating and atmospheric soundscape.. The inclusion of rich, melodious, and reverberating guitars dreamy and cinematic ethereal setting.

This captivating single follows the debut album, "Significance," by Blueburst and stands as an independent release, signaling a departure from their previous works. What distinguishes this rendition of "Fly Away" is the addition of vocals from Atlanta singer-songwriter Riley Schatz. Schatz adeptly interprets Olivia Newton-John's segments, injecting the track with a fresh and compelling dimension. Her expressive and evocative delivery seamlessly intertwines with Blueburst's distinct sound, resulting in a harmonious blend that merges nostalgia with innovative musical elements.

"Fly Away" transforms into a canvas for artistic exploration, enabling Blueburst to not only pay homage to the original but also redefine its sonic landscape. The collaboration with Riley Schatz enhances the single, creating a musical experience that resonates profoundly with listeners. Blueburst's ability to seamlessly integrate elements from the past and present, paired with Schatz's vocal prowess, renders "Fly Away" a truly enchanting and innovative composition that leaves an enduring impact. Give it a listen—the themes of solitude and something greater unfold, culminating in a goosebump-inducing a duet delivery by a tender female vocal.

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