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Spotting AXNÉR; the brand new project from one half of London's Disco Freaks, Chris Davies and Swedish singer Julia Axnér. After two years in the works, the duo are ready to unveil their unique brand of 70's inspired grooves with a distinctive modern touch.

Their debut single 'Got The Look' is a self-empowered celebration of getting your glow on and heading to the club for a boogie. An

all original production. On bass and a super-tight Philly brass section to finish things off.

Keeping things analogue, AXNÉR called in Al 'Million Dollar Disco' Kent to give the track the extended remix reel-to-reel treatment. Stripping back the 'Feel Good' vocals, letting that beautiful Rhodes breathe and stirring the track into a dance floor focused crescendo of brass complimented harmonies that legendary Walter Gibbons would be proud of.

The instrumental is trimmed down for maximum impact. Perfect percussion ammo for anv aroove obsessed DJ. It’s tremendous. Tuneful melody and impressive vocals from a competent talent to create this score. With its smooth instrumentation, it’s really bopping!

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