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“HAPPY?” By Sweet Coins

Sweet Coins is a band that strives to amalgamate the most captivating elements of Hyperpop, Pop Punk, and Metalcore, creating a distinctive style within the realm of alternative rock. With lucidity, vibrancy, and meticulousness, their latest single "Happy?" has burst onto the scene like a shockwave, signaling a pivotal shift in the band's musical direction.

"Happy?" commences with a rhythmic pulse that strikes a flawless equilibrium between pop-punk and alternative rock and other influences. The pulse exudes a fluidity that accentuates its motion, inducing an irresistible urge to groove along. The sheer catchiness of the melody is nearly impossible to resist, and the initial sequence of tones seamlessly transitions into the body of the track, acquiring an additional shimmering layer. While you may not find yourself engaged in wild dance moves, the underlying dance-friendly vibes readily coax you into swaying and moving to the rhythm. Simultaneously, the lead vocalist's singing seizes the audience's focus with its elevated pitch, then gracefully skims across the sonic terrain like a dance step imbued with elegance. His rendition creates an intimate ambiance, akin to sensing the delicate caress of his fingertips through the lyrics.

The song bursts forth with captivating vibes, beckoning you to dance alongside them as if you're the only souls in existence. An immediate connection is intricately woven into the vocals, yet it's the smoothest and most seamlessly woven current that ensnares you. Their performance maintains an exceptional flow that's as irresistible as the graceful progression of the melody. The dynamic instrumental section injected into the track serves as a delightful addition, introducing a shift that guides you through to the closing moments of the single.

This release is brimming with exuberant energy, and it's a must-listen! "Happy?" starts off the release with a brisk and impactful beginning, instantly drawing in the listener and effortlessly captivating their attention. We greatly admire the punchy production incorporated into the song. Sweet Coins have delivered a track that you can indulge in on repeat and never tire of. Make sure to stream "Happy?" on all major platforms!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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