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“HEAVEN TAKES YOU HOME (Remix by Dj Funsize) by Swedish House Mafia

American electronic music producer and DJ,

Stefano Gaetano built a career under his stage name DJ Funsize. His high energy and fresh sound have seen him grow from a New Jersey hometown D to Grammy balloted, charting records, touring internationally, and radio.

DJ Funsize started djing with humble beginnings at 16 doing private parties for friends and family. Once in college Funsize career continued to grow mixing at campus house parties building him the reputation of Kean University's top DJs. After college DJ Funsize exploded onto the map djing all over including the NY/NJ metro area, MTV Spring Break, and touring internationally.


DJ Funsize is slowly earning his place in the

music world but is by no means finished. The

journey and music continue… #difunsize with heaven takes you home remix. Masterfully crafted track. “good people, good vibes, good times

Follow and listen to his tracks on All major streaming platforms.

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