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“HELP ON THE WAY” by Ari Joshua

Ari Joshua, a highly versatile musician with an enchanting stage presence, possesses a musical style as diverse as his unique background. Originating from Cape Town, South Africa, and raised in Seattle, WA, Ari's deep connection to music became apparent from a young age. In his rendition of "Help on the Way," Ari Joshua delves into the psychedelic realm, unveiling an exceptional interpretation of the Garcia/Hunter classic. This rendition showcases an ensemble of celestial musicians, including drummer John Kimock, bassist Andy Hess, and keyboardist Eden Ladin, all under Ari Joshua's leadership as vocalist, guitarist, and producer. The song pays homage to the Grateful Dead in a distinctive and original manner. Notably, the musicians involved, such as John, who has played with O'tiel Burbridge of Dead and Co, and Mike Gordon from Phish, deserve commendation and praise.

"Help on the Way" conveys a potent message of hope and assistance. It serves as a musical lifeline, a reminder that even during life's most daunting moments, support is within reach. The harmonious interplay of lyrics and melody fosters a sense of optimism and resilience, extending solace and motivation to the listener. The song's composition is thoughtfully structured to build gradually, reflecting the concept that help is on its way. This progressive development generates anticipation and a profound sense of relief, evoking powerful emotions. It stands as a musical reminder that we are never alone in our struggles, and that help, whether from our social circle, family, or our own inner strength, is always accessible. Ultimately, "Help on the Way" is a comforting and reassuring musical piece that resonates deeply with many, offering a source of solace and fortitude during times of need.

The collaboration of these musicians has yielded a song that is destined to become an anthem for many. It's an inspirational track that prompts introspection while undeniably urging you to hit the replay button. Some songs transcend mere sound and melody; they are vessels of pure emotion that pour into the ears of their listeners. This is precisely the type of music Ari creates, and his ability to infuse emotion into sound becomes evident with these talented collaborators by his side. His music is crafted with creative finesse, and thus far, it has delved into profound themes. If this description resonates with you, "Help On The Way" might easily become your anthem. The genuine sentiment beneath that statement might strike a profound chord with some of you, imbuing the song with added meaning as you listen.

ri will donate a portion of the proceeds to the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at “The title speaks so clearly: Help on the Way. That’s something I wanna do through music, is help. I lost two friends tragically this month, previously I lost a romantic partner to depression. I hope that if help is what you need, that you’ll find it soon. ”

Time and time again, Ari Joshua demonstrates his willingness to collaborate and create music that spans various genres and addresses diverse themes, some of which are lighthearted and others deeply meaningful. Furthermore, he has established authentic connections with fellow musicians, as evidenced by the stellar collaboration on "Help on the Way" alongside Kimock, Hess, and Ladin. This musical ensemble came together at the renowned Bunker Studio in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood.

"Help On the Way" stands as the fourth song to emerge from this lineup, following a refreshing reinterpretation of "Eyes of the World" released in July, as well as two original compositions, "Lights Out" and "Eye Just Called to Soul, I Love You." These tracks showcase the innovative spirit for which Joshua is widely recognized. Discovering your new favorite artist is an ongoing journey, and it's a fortunate coincidence that you're here to experience it.

Listeners can stream on any platform, supporters can purchase music at Bandcamp and Ari owns a music school they offer lessons online! Also you can visit their official store and fashion at

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