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"HOLD ON" by Leo Sawikin

Leo Sawikin, a talented singer, songwriter, and musician, made a name for himself as the founder and frontman of the popular NYC indie band, The Chordaes. With his soulful vocals and impressive guitar skills, Leo helped to create a unique sound that captivated audiences and earned the band a dedicated following.

Leo Sawikin's track "Hold On" is a beautiful and emotive piece of music that immediately captures the listener's attention. The plucky and bright guitar tones, coupled with Leo's smooth and controlled vocals, create a sweet and somber atmosphere that pulls you into the song's world. Leo's breathy and sweet tone is perfectly balanced with precise riffs and a wide vocal range that showcases his emotional charisma.

The music adds to the atmosphere with the introduction of a deeper bass and confident lyrics that give the track a powerful presence. As you listen, you'll find yourself lost in the song's daydream-like atmosphere. Leo's authenticity as a singer is evident in every note of "Hold On."

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