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“HOMMAGE À JON HASSELL” by Lorenzo Cimino

Hailing from Italy, Lorenzo Cimino is a composer and trumpet player whose music draws heavily from jazz, world music, and avant-garde styles. Cimino has worked with a diverse range of artists from all over the globe and has performed at many highly-regarded venues and festivals. His unique musical style is characterized by his innovative use of sounds and techniques, as well as his skillful fusion of various genres and styles.

Lorenzo is recognized for his inventive use of the trumpet, which involves incorporating extended techniques and electronic effects into his playing. His latest album, "Hommage à Jon Hassell," is a stunning release that features addictive songs that deserve to be heard today and for years to come!

The album's title track, "Hommage à Jon Hassell," demands attention with its captivating acapella intro before the other tracks kick in. The memorable melody will have you grooving along in no time. "Soffio Al cuorie" is a standout song that exudes attitude and grit. Lorenzo Cimino's murmuring and subtle vocals take charge of the song, while smooth trumpet sounds hover over his singing.

"Search for a New World" takes the album in a new direction with its slower pace, allowing the relatable smooth lyrics to shine through and resonate with the audience. The album is characterized by gorgeous trumpet progressions and intelligent arrangements. Finally, "Il Grande Viaggio" brings the album to a close with its evolving sound and catchy musical elements that are simply divine.

The album showcases a great production that allows the quality songwriting to shine through, making it a must-have addition to your new music playlist this week. Cimino's intelligent composition and mesmerizing collection of tracks make the album an undeniable gem from start to finish. You can listen to Hommage à Jon Hassell by streaming it here!

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