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“HOT PINK WIND” by Morgane Surmer

Morgane Surmer is a French-American producer, singer and songwriter. She studied classical piano for several years before discovering electronic music and singing. It's a whole new world that opens up to her, an infinite creativity tool where she can bring to life her ideas gathered through human encounters and travels. In parallel to her PhD, she creates her first EP "COLORED ATMOSPHERES, 2022" where she invites painting to melt into music and enjoys collaborating with several artists on the project.

Her music style, which she has difficulty defining herself, is described by her friends as "future pop, "neo-soul" or "alternative music". Her influences are multiple: Bonnie Banane, Sevdaliza, Kaytranada, Doja Cat or Mavie Phoenix.


Hot Pink Wind is the second song off the colored atmosphere, 2022 EP released May 6, 2022. Morgane delivers such transient bass drum that have all the mood and dynamics to pulse their way into your soul. A perfectionist never rests and that seems to be the case here. The listener can pick up on some influence in the keys and that solid rhythm backbone that pushes Morgane’s impressive vocal. This is an impressive release. Listen to hot pink wind here!

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