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“I CAN’T MAJE YOU LOVE ME” by Mark Colgan

MARK WAS GIVEN HIS FIRST GUITAR FOR HIS 7TH BIRTHDAY AND HIS LIFE CHANGED FOREVER. 10 years later, England had become the hub of world youth culture and music and Mark was playing in London Folk

Clubs like 'Bunjies' on Great Litchfield Street.

Mark was greatly influenced by many great folk guitarists. He played a mix of traditional English Folk music and his own original songs. Soon after, Mark came to the attention of Roger Cook-lead singer of Blue Mink and one part of renowned songwriting duo Cook and Greenaway.

Mark hit the world on April 24, 2022 with his debut single titled “I can’t make you love me”. The song starts simply, focusing on the melody without a flashy entrance. However, with the arrival of the floating phrase “i can’t make you love me” the beats become more frequent in the background, moving the song forward.

Like any good track, it continues to build to the score, which shines with a prominent driving rhythm and syncopated electronic sounds. The final result is a breezy, summery track with a heartfelt feel. The lyrics match the overall feel of the song, sending an empowering message of doing.

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