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“I FORGIVE HER” by J.R.August

Emerging from Croatia is a unique singer-songwriter John Raven August who is the leading young talent in the Balkans. He creates spiritual music from multi-instrumentals and imagination. J.R August says he does not want to be ident as an Artist of religion.

His awesome performance that runs throughout his latest release I forgive her has got the eyes and minds of all the masses. No wonder he’s gotten his way to spotlight blog. It talk about the numerous sins man does to God yet we’re been forgiven without penny.

This is a spiritual and heartfelt composition to get your soul felt and calmed. In relation to some lines from the track “she broke my heart“ after some other previous wrong doings yet she was forgiven.

Absolutely great performance let alone the amazing visuals. Creativity at its best. If music doesn't blow you away, doesn't put you in a position where you transcend your existence and see the world around you with different eyes, then it's not music either” says J.R August.

Enjoy the vibe on all major platforms.

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