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“I HAVE BEEN WAITING” by Carsten Schnell

Carsten Schnell, a composer with a classical training, amazed critics with his unconventional soundscapes on his debut album "Adiust" in 1992. He is now recognized as one of the pioneering artists at BSC Music. "I Have Been Waiting" is one of his instrumental tracks that blends electronic and acoustic elements to produce a mesmerizing and ethereal sound. The track gradually builds in intensity, with a steady beat and a captivating piano melody that eventually transforms into a grand orchestration of soaring strings.

For anyone who has been waiting for someone or something for a long time, "I Have Been Waiting" serves as a powerful anthem. The track's seamless instrumentation is impressive, but when the lyrics match that intensity and evoke strong emotions, it becomes a song that is worth obsessing over. Carsten Schnell's music is exceptional and emotionally resonant, making him a must-listen artist who can make you feel less alone through his lyrics.

It's a daunting task for an artist with a massive following to make you feel seen and heard, but Carsten Schnell accomplishes this feat through his music. "I Have Been Waiting" is a powerful and poignant track that is relatable, brave, and emotionally charged, making it a must-listen song. Keep exploring Carsten's music and discover more about him as an artist; perhaps you'll learn more about yourself in the process.

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