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“I’M JAMES BOND” by Romain Gutsy

Romain Gutsy is a French-born singer-songwriter and a musician who started his career in the 90s, playing accordion with French bands as Les Affamés, or guitar in the Celtic band Daffy Plays Mandola, as well as playing with more famous chaps as the Grammy award winner alt-Rock band Soul Asylum or American singer Calvin Russel.

Romain is one of those artists we just can’t imagine not being there.  His solemn, haunting vocal style has been winning over fans ever since his acclaimed debut, "If You See Her", was released in February 2022 had an outstanding performance across all major platforms.

He is with his latest Album release titled "Numero 2" out April 24, 2023. Numero 2 is a eight track album that bursts onto the scene with high energy on "Lany" - the first track off the album and ends amazingly with the song titled "French Boy."

"I'm James Bond" spotted here is the fifth track off Romain's anticipated album this year. As memorable as it is and expressive vocals as well as the instrumentals keeping it rhythmic, right from the opening notes, it's evident that Romain means business. The song boasts a catchy melody, impressive vocals, amusing lyrics, and creative storytelling.

There is a high level of performance, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, the song is unique and innovative, and I think "Numero 2 is commercially viable. Well-executed! fit contender. His euphoric sound is a must-experience right now. Stream “Numero 2” now! And thank Euphony BlogNet later!

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